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Aromatherapy Oil

Flower Essence mixtures (or Flower Remedies) are made from the essences of wild and domestic flowers, grasses, plants, shrubs, and trees. These herbal mixtures are super-diluted to homeopathic-type levels. They help support the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The essences only have the energetic signature of the flowers and are not scented as essential oil mixtures are. Solunakēn is pleased to carry the Flower Essence Connection line of Flower Essences. The essences are obtained from plants of the Southwestern Desert using over 272 different individual flower essences in the 63 combinations. We offer our deepest thanks to Shelley Summers from Flower Essence Connection and Dr. Karl Smith at Golden Earth Herbs, for creating and developing these amazing Flower Essence Remedies.

Solunakēn wellness programs and products support you on your path toward healing your body, mind, and spirit.

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