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How does Solunakēn coaching work?

Solunakēn work begins with affirmation of your true value, getting clear on where your strengths reside, how to manifest what you want, and creating powerful intentions that get you results 

1. Set Your Intentions
2. Release Your Inner Resistance
3. Body/Mind Map
4. Somatic Practices
5. Working through physical and emotional blocks
6. Get focused
7. Celebrate your achievements
1. Set your intentions

Before you can manifest what you want, you have to KNOW what you want and get a deep understanding of where you are presently. We examine where you are in your life and your work and get clear about your intentions and what you want to experience in your personal life and business. I will help you to build a practice of self-love and acceptance so you can grow a strong base from which to evolve.

2. Release your inner resistance

You might already have a pretty good idea about what you need to be doing but maybe you are still struggling with procrastination, feeling stuck and spinning in circles. You’ll be learning proven techniques for understanding and becoming more aware of your current body-mind habits, breaking through your inner resistance, self-doubt, fear, anxiety and all of that “stuff” that keeps getting in your way so that you can begin taking positive action in your life and create the life you desire.


3. Body/mind map

We will create a body/mind map to get a better sense of where your strengths are and where your energy leaks lie. I will create a specialized program that is tailored to your needs and intentions so that you can begin to heal and enjoy a life of freedom and abundance.


4. Somatic practices

We will spend time exploring and experiencing your body/mind map with a variety of creative modalities. It may include mindfulness and meditation, wellness consulting, somatic exercises, Reiki, artwork, etc. The tools will help you really dive deep and understand what it is that you want to create for your life and exactly how you can get there.


5. Working through physical and emotional blocks

The Somatic Practices will help you to get clear on where the blocks are so that you can begin to heal them.  We will explore multiple modalities that will help facilitate healing and will build a routine of simple exercises that you can do on your own that will keep you in tip top shape.


6. Get focused

We will look at exactly what you need to focus on to move forward in your personal and/or business life. What actions will you need to be taking each day to best utilize your time, effectiveness and harness your energy.  You will set in place a schedule to help integrate the new systems.


7. Celebrate your achievements!

We will focus a lot of our time celebrating your wins and putting in place a new habit of celebrating on a daily basis. Having a focus on the achievements and gratitude for the growth is key to help your confidence skyrocket and help pave the way to even more success in the future!

Does this really work?

Yes! The result of our work is an approach to shifting your mindset and helping you heal your past so you can rediscover and recreate yourself, live fully present in joy and achieve your full potential.

What results can you expect?


  • Fall back in love with yourself         

  • Recognize and release trauma in the body

  • Anxiety dissipates and peace and calm set in    

  • Fill your gas tank & learn how to self-nurture

  • Reach for your passions in life

  • Health benefits, living stress-free                          

  • Feel empowered & excited about the future

  • Raise your self-esteem and self confidence 

  • Re-write your story

  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself

  • Rediscover your creativity        

  • Feel the power of unconditional love

  • Develop more compassion for yourself and others

  • Be clear concise and honest in your communication

  • Create healthy boundaries

  • Have more ease and grace in your life

  • Find your happiness and joy

  • Rediscover yourself, set goals and reach them

Set your intentions
Release inner resistance
Body/mind map
Somatic practices
Physical & emotial blocks
Get focused
Celebrate Achievements
Does this work?
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