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Aloe Vera Plant
Welcome to the
Solunakēn Shop
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I am so excited that you are here so I can share with you all of the wellness products that I use and love. 
Browse the different collections below and find just what you need to assist you on your path of wellness and resilience. 
You can search by type of product or by the type of issue you are wanting to work with. Y
ou can also shop by seeing the whole list of products on our All Products Page. 
As always, drop me a line if you ever have any questions.
Enjoy your shopping!
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Hot Air Balloons

Building your own community with people who support the "real you" will allow you to release long-held tensions and allow you to deepen your abilities to communicate.


Release depression and use meditation and energy balancing to elevate you to new levels of spiritual connection.

Lakeside Camping

Sleep is such a critical part of our wellness. If you struggle with insomnia check here for support to help you relax and have sweet dreams.

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