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Meaning of Solunakēn

Life is….messy. We all know that best-laid plans can go suddenly sideways on us. If we had tightly wrapped all of our light and joy around the promise of those plans then that would certainly bring us grief and pain.

So, in the face of this understanding, do we instead not invest ourselves in hope, light, faith and joy because we fear the return of that darkness and pain? Or do we armor ourselves and wage an angry battle against those perceived slings and arrows? Or perhaps, we could find a way to regroup and begin to heal and learn from the experience.

If we are able to move in that direction, our resilience, our capacity to recover from difficulties, expands. In that very instant, there is an increased elasticity. We learned about how we shaped our response and we stretched in a new way. We did not have to give up our dreams and we did not have to fight the darkness. We could allow both to be present and like autumn’s first rain to parched soil, we could soak it all in and grow.

The practice of Solunakēn helps us build that resilience. Sol is the sun, daytime, light, yang and masculine energies. Luna is the moon, nighttime, darkness,feminine and yin energies. Ken is the horizon, the meeting place, perception and understanding. The work allows us to be present with the flow of dark and light and to learn about ourselves in that process. That knowledge then allows us to choose our responses and to make shifts if desired. We cannot change what we do not see.

In Solunakēn work, we practice embodied mindfulness, explore and embrace what is true in the moment, and set intentions and paths for healing. Perhaps Viktor E. Frankl said it best in Man's Search for Meaning: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Solunakēn helps us regain those freedoms and choose our own path as we explore our own personal horizon...where the sun and moon dance.

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