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The lack of self-esteem seems to be based on an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness. To aid in working out this feeling, we have combined essences to clear powerlessness, along with essences to help face adversity with calmness and to help develop self-respect.

Contains: distilled water, brandy (10% alcohol by volume), essences: Coneflower, Oncidium Ciriferum, Violets/Scarlet Gilla

Self-Esteem Flower Essence

  • Diffuse 3-4 drops, up to 4 times per day. Touching dropper in any way may contaminate bottle.

    Please try a dab on your inner wrist to check for any allergic reactions. Homeopathic Formulated. KEEP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

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